An Interesting Development at my ParishBirth Control in the Catholic Church
March 09, 2003, 01:27 PM
An Interesting Development at my Parish
Today as I was attending Mass something occurred to me. Recently my diocese has been chastised for kneeling after reception of communion, instead of standing. This has been difficult for all, especially the older of the parish. However, everyone I have spoken to fully intends to follow this request, which was specifically given by the Pope. I have spoken to people, and one close friend in particular said, "I think we all want to follow the Pope, especially when he makes reasonable requests." I pondered this for a while, and thought that probably, myself included, most all Catholics want to follow and obey the Pope. What has happened with the birth control issue, however, is that people have said through their actions, "I want to follow and be obedient to the Pope, but I do not want the Pope mandating the most intimate interaction I have with my spouse. It is just too private. Therefore, we will discern in conscience and behind closed doors what is good and Holy for our marriage in this most intimate of interactions." I think if most people really consider this, even the rabid NFP only folks, they will see how reasonable this is. What one does alone with his or her spouse is just too sacred to Holy, too private and too intimate for other people to poke their noses in and around, especially the nose of the institutional church. This is why it appears that the laity are disregarding and disobedient to particular teachings. In fact, what is happening is that, the laity is very obedient it turns out. However, when it comes to the Church telling them how to love their husbands and wives their gut feelings tell them that they from experience and through their relationship with God, know better. Regards-
March 14, 2003, 12:21 PM
good post.

i think catholics are more than willing to follow reasonable requests from authority. the problem with the birth control issue is not a rejection of authority, but a rejection of an unreasonable request.

things have been slow here lately. that's ok. we were repeating ourselves anyway. and beside, it makes my job easier. Wink
March 16, 2003, 07:10 PM
I too have thought I would do anything the Pope requests simply for the sake of unity or to make a sacrifice and just offer it up.

I must draw the line though when the Church requests that I do something that is harmful to the life of my marriage. NFP has been in the past. I can not go against my conscience on this mattter.

James, I know you stated otherwise but the rabid NFP only folks I know do not consider this reasonable. In my experience, basic human reason doesn't seem to be part of their theology.


April 02, 2003, 08:34 AM
The birth control teaching is a MORAL teaching.When it comes to moral decision making the ultimate guide & final authority is the conscience.Provided that it is informed & upright. The refraining from kneeling after the Eucharist is a DISCIPLINARY teaching,which would automatically require obedience.