DIALOGUE in its broadest sense



Global Dialogue Institute


Quoted from the index page: The purpose of the Global Dialogue Institute is to promote dialogue in the broadest sense among individuals and groups of different religions and cultures, focusing especially though not exclusively on the “opinion-shapers” of society, scholars, professionals as well as institutional and business leaders.


I especially encourage visitors to review the many hyperlinks there, including those labeled “Other Sites of Interest”, which are comprehensive. The webmaster is Ingrid H. Shafer, Ph.D.



Ecumene: A Meeting Place for the World's Religions and Ideologies


The Webpage Editor, Ingrid H. Shafer, Ph.D. , writes: For this domain I have deliberately chosen the name ECUMENE, evoking the image of a house or household, since it neatly links several major aspects of human life that can help or obstruct the building of a global community: Ecology, Economics, Ethics, and Religion. The index page is a gateway to many domains of interest and offers many related hyperlinks.