DIALOGUE  among contemplatives





This web site is dedicated to helping people come to realize shalom by providing a wide variety of resources to encourage and support Christian contemplative spirituality. The discussion boards of Shalomplace have an integral interreligious dialogical thrust.

East-West Contemplative Dialogue

Where Christian mysticism and metaphysics enters into dialogue with Buddhism and Hinduism hosted by Inner Explorations Where Christian mysticism, theology and metaphysics meet Eastern religions, Jungian psychology and a new sense of the earth.

Monastic Interreligious Dialogue

Monastic Interreligious Dialogue is made up of Christian monastics who, at the request of the Apostolic See, engage in interreligious dialogue as a way of giving expression to the monastic charisms of listening and hospitality. We foster dialogue on the level of spiritual practice and experience between North American monastics and contemplative practitioners from other religious traditions for the purpose of mutual spiritual benefit and communion.