DIALOGUE its methodology and technology


The Power and Promise of Deep Dialogue


From The Global Dialogue Institute: By dialogue we mean here Deep-Dialogue, which is a way of encountering and understanding oneself and the world at the deepest levels, opening up possibilities of grasping the fundamental meanings of life, individually and corporately, and its various dimensions. This in turn transforms the way we deal with ourselves, others, and the world. 


Campaign For Forgiveness Research


A Campaign for Forgiveness Research supports scientific studies that can deepen our understanding of forgiveness and begin the process of building many different roads to reconciliation.


A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernment Experts


Over the past 15 months, the National Intelligence Council (NIC), in close collaboration with US Government specialists and a wide range of experts outside the government, has worked to identify major drivers and trends that will shape the world of 2015. The key drivers identified are: Demographics, Natural resources and environment, Science and technology, the global economy and globalization, National and international governance, Future conflict and The role of the United States. This is at the cia.gov site.


 Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue


The Challenge of Cyber-Parliaments and Statutory Virtual Assemblies


Dialogue Through Poetry building a culture of peace and nonviolence in this world through peace and poetry