DIALOGUE between religions


Catholic Relief Services Peacebuilding Through Interreligious Dialogue


Catholic Relief Services actively supports interreligious dialogue in a number of countries as a natural outgrowth of its Catholic identity and involvement with local and national church bodies.


The Journal of Ecumenical Studies


Ingrid H. Shafer, Ph.D is the webpage editor for The Journal of Ecumenical Studies, described on the index page as an academic journal that focuses on vitally important religious issues, offers a venue for meaningful publication, and consistently maintains the caliber of exemplary scholarship, intellectual inquisitiveness, and over-all excellence .


Religions In Renewal


This site was created in June 1997 by Ingrid Shafer and she writes: This site is dedicated to efforts by people all over the globe to renew their religions or ideologies in such a way that in the future they will be open to ongoing transformation while remaining solidly rooted in what is essential in their past. This is not a site to connect with new religious movements or syncretic religions amalgamated from bits and pieces of the existing faiths of the world. There are many such sites on the Web (and a few may be included if their guiding vision is congruent with the goals of this site). Rather, Religions in Renewal is a site to link members of groups within the major established religions or ideologies who are seeking respectfully and gradually to reform their traditions from within while remaining loyal to the spirit of their path.