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Subject: Re: Re: Re: An Occasion for Disbelief?

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It is no secret that the majority of the Catholic clergy in this country side with lay Catholics in disagreeing with the birth-control ban—a 1980 Princeton poll found only 30 percent of the priests agreeing with Humanae vitae. A 1994 Los Angeles Time poll revealed that they continue to side with lay catholics, not just the priests, but also women religious, who were polled separately.

One may or may not care what a majority of clergy and religious think, siding with hierarchical pronouncements. That's understandable. And ture enough, a majority consensus dosn't make anything right or true, to be sure. It does make dissenting positions worthy of serious engagement and sober reflection though. How else could we have ever gotten the hierarchy to abandon its support of slavery or its outmoded position on usury?

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Sorry to inform you Rose, the Church is not a democracy, it doesn't matter if all laity disagree with the Church's teaching. (I don't buy any poll that suggests the Clergy disagree with this teaching, you will have to supply more detailed information on that one. But, it doesn't matter if a majority of them disent anyway.) You might also want to venture over to some orthodox Catholic websites istead of sites like this one that are disent based. Just a thought.
May God Bless You Rose

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I so agree with you. I can still be a faithful Catholic in my heart and disagree with this one teaching. I was so very surprised when I finally did some research on this subject and found that the majority of Catholic clergy and laity disagree with the teaching on Birth Control. It is hard for me to believe that God would throw me out of Heaven if I did my best as a Catholic, but decided to use a non-abortive form of BC with my husband for very good reasons.

Thank you so much for your post.

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