Date: 10/14/02 03:08:59 PM

Name: Mo4


Subject: Re: Re: Re: An Occasion for Disbelief?

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Obviously, Rose, you understand that much longsuffering and forbearance is required regarding those who would condemn you and even more patience will be required before anyone in this forum can demonstrate the validity of the Church's teaching on birth control using human reason.

God Bless You, Rose

Nowadays, however, the spouse of Christ prefers to make use of the medicine of mercy rather than that of severity. She considers that she meets the needs of the present day by demonstrating the validity of her teaching rather than by condemnations.

Pope John XXIII, from his Opening Address of Vatican II

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Sorry to inform you Rose, the Church is not a democracy, it doesn't matter if all laity disagree with the Church's teaching. (I don't buy any poll that suggests the Clergy disagree with this teaching, you will have to supply more detailed information on that one. But, it doesn't matter if a majority of them disent anyway.) You might also want to venture over to some orthodox Catholic websites istead of sites like this one that are disent based. Just a thought.
May God Bless You Rose

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I so agree with you. I can still be a faithful Catholic in my heart and disagree with this one teaching. I was so very surprised when I finally did some research on this subject and found that the majority of Catholic clergy and laity disagree with the teaching on Birth Control. It is hard for me to believe that God would throw me out of Heaven if I did my best as a Catholic, but decided to use a non-abortive form of BC with my husband for very good reasons.

Thank you so much for your post.

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