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With over 100 books and 1000+ articles, Pater Haring likely made those points a few times vis a vis the secular world. Like most, he was well aware of the perils of pluralism. Like few, he valued its promises. He is truly missed. Pray for us Pater.

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I read a book by Bernard Haring, C.Ss.R. circa 1975, but I don't remember the title. I did like what he wrote, however. The content was not about Humanae Vitae, birth control, etc. The subject was primarily about his vision of what Christianity will be like in the future and how it will relate to the secular world. Some things I remember, and I may be paraphrasing incorrectly, "In the future Christians will look all around and everywhere for God but will not find Him. It will only be that Love that will define what they are." This is in contrast to past ages, such as medieval times when people saw or thought they saw God in everything, even the smoke rising from a chimney.

He objected to some theological superstructures such as the notion of Limbo. He also says that government and much of society will be stripped of the hypocracy derived from wanting the morals and ethics of Christ without faith in
Christ. So there will be "two giants", Christianity and non-Christianity.

If you know what this B. Haring work was, you can inform me.

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Those who are doubtful whether they can accept it [Humanae Vitae] have to study it thoroughly, have to read it with good will, but they also have to accept other information
in the church. They cannot dissociate the pope from the whole of the church. They have to study it, consider it, but not alone, not isolated.

Bernard Häring, C.Ss.R. in a speech at Holy Cross Abbey,
Commonweal 12 September 1980, p. 497.

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