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Date: 10/15/02 11:33:05 AM

Name: Editor


Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Homosexual sex and masturbation

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Ha, Onan! You'll get a brighter halo for being a good boy (or girl, or whatever).

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re: I don't think masturbation is regarded as a mortal sin.

Do you mean to tell me, after all these years, that ... ?


Oh well,

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The degree of sinfulness is generally related to the degree of harmfulness brought about by violating a norm or principle. Eating when you're not hungry isn't as likely to disrupt one or another's life as much as adultery or stealing, for example. Murder obviously violates such a principle and is a grave evil. Artificial contraception is hardly on the same order of disruption to the divine or natural law, if it's a disruption at all.

I don't think masturbation is regarded as a mortal sin. Of course, there are alls kinds of experiences of masturbation and all sorts of contexts in which it takes place so that must be considered.

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It seems like openness to life and unitive goals for a relationship are good values. There are lots of good values. What makes meeting this or that value discovered in natural law very serious or not so serious. Even if one shares these values, what reasons are given by the Church to make attaining some values more important than others? For example, it seems like the natural law would reveal that eating is for nourishment and drinking is to stay hydrated. Why isn't it evil to eat when one is not really hungry or in need of food? Why isn't it perverted and sinful to drink when one isn't thirsty? Why are murder and masturbation both grave matters? Why is birth control a mortal sin and not a venial sin? Seriously.

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Questions were asked below about these topics, and, presumably, why the Church condemns them.

In the case of homosexual sex, it's obvious that this cannot ever meet the criteria for openness to life, not in any act, nor in the relationship as a whole. Same goes for masturbation, which doesn't even satisfy any unitive aspect, but is entirely self-focused.

Note that the Catechism of the Catholic Church recognizes that masturbation needs to be considered in the context of one's development, and psychological state.

Other questions? Comments?

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