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Subject: Re: Perspective from Karl Rahner, S.J.

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the other Michael wrote elsewhere: People are tired of hearing about what used to be universally accepted because it is not what they want to hear right now. Anything we don't want to hear is easily dismissed (falsely) as being outdated and irrelevant. Once we do that it becomes easy to formulate a new thought about what is relevant and thus right.
I thought it should be properly juxtaposed to Karl Rahner's alternative view. The reader can thus better see them in stark relief.

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But it is in fact also part of the tragic and impenetrable historicity of the Church that in practice and theory it defended moral precepts with bad arguments, based on
problematic, historically conditioned preconceptions, "prejudgments," which it did not
itself abandon but which other historical causes eliminated; only then did the Church finally find the new conviction obvious and (unfortunately) proceeded to act is if the new
global conviction was obvious and the Church had never had any doubts about it.

Karl Rahner, S.J. "On Bad Arguments in Moral Theology,"
Theological Investigations XVIII, 1984. p. 79.

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