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And when, precisely, did the Holy Roman Catholic Church acquire the whole truth?

When the Roman Magisterium actively supported the evil institution of slavery in

1) the Council of Gangra in 362, which was affirmed by
2) Pope Martin I in 650, further decreed by
3) the Ninth Council of Toledo in 655 and furthered by
4) Pope Urban II in 1089 and during the Crusades by
5) Pope Alexander III at the Third Lateran Council and
6) Pope Innocent III at the Fourth Lateran Council and
7) Pope Nicholas V in 1454

Rather firmly established by that time I'd say, you know the chant: constant tradition?

Maybe we began to get the truth when, in 1839, Gregory XVI condemned slave trading, which the bishops in the South interpreted as not a condemnation of domestic slavery.

Even after the United States was starting to get THE truth about slavery, post Civil War, as late as 1866 the Holy Office issued an instruction reaffirming the moral justification of slavery.

Perhaps it was in 1891 that the Church made clear that slavery was incompatible with fundamental human rights as Leo XIII took such a position?

The magisterium was CLEARLY and UNAMBIGUOUSLY WRONG on such a grave moral evil as slavery for CENTURIES.

Why does this not raise at least a doubt, in some minds, that it could be wrong again?

Notwithstanding all of the above, there is still one major question begging: why didn't Paul VI make an infallible pronouncement, that is speak ex cathedra?

Faith and Reason are partners. Read Fides et Ratio, a brilliant document in so many regards. Rose, hang on to your reason and cling to your faith. Others of you, cling to your faith and take comfort in your invincible ignorance.

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Replying to:

Yes, in your context that would be a lowercase 'c.' When speaking of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, it is capitalized.
There are many churches (lowercase intended) with only partial truth, those would be protestant churches, their members are their own pope as stated above.

You and editor must get over this name calling, what kind of example is that for your children? Maybe ABC in your case is a blessing. Oops, sorry fell into uncharitablness myself.

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