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Date: 10/20/02 07:03:38 AM

Name: Editor


Subject: Re: Re: ABC & NFP - Spatial & Temporal Barriers

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NFP is a contraceptive practice. This is undeniable. When a married couple would otherwise have sex except for the possibility of conceiving, and so chooses to abstain instead, they are contracepting--i.e., avoiding conception, which is what the term means.

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No dice, go clear your conscience somewhere else. NFP users are doing anything--how can that be a barrier of any kind? Reminds me of a previous post. A couple is walking down the street hand in hand, in your twisted model they are contracepting because they are not having sex...get with it.

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ABC & NFP both use barriers to prevent an ovum from meeting a sperm. ABC uses spatial barriers and NFP erects a temporal barrier. Modern physics has revealed a space-time continuum, space and time being components of one entity, and would not substantively differentiate between ABC's and NFP's placements of barriers.

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