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Date: 10/20/02 09:05:29 AM

Name: Mo4


Subject: Re: Re: ABC & NFP - Spatial & Temporal Barriers

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So, when is the last time you were watching Jay Leno and, out of the clear blue and just for the hell of it, your wife said: "Honey, go get me a thermometer so I can take my temperature." And when is the last time you were at the beach and she checked her cervical mucous just for kicks? Now THAT would really be UNNATURAL. "Not having sex", alone, doesn't equal contraception in any model. It requires willful and knowledgeable intent coupled with some proactivity. As to what type of activity is most twisted, well a lot more people, of both genders, pop pills everyday. Very, very few ... oh, never mind.

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No dice, go clear your conscience somewhere else. NFP users are doing anything--how can that be a barrier of any kind? Reminds me of a previous post. A couple is walking down the street hand in hand, in your twisted model they are contracepting because they are not having sex...get with it.

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ABC & NFP both use barriers to prevent an ovum from meeting a sperm. ABC uses spatial barriers and NFP erects a temporal barrier. Modern physics has revealed a space-time continuum, space and time being components of one entity, and would not substantively differentiate between ABC's and NFP's placements of barriers.

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