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The present discussion board service used for the web site allows for only about 30 days of material to stand. These archives are to preserve some of the exchanges for future reference and in gratitude to participants who took the time to engage in them.

The major thrust of the discussion board dialogue involves issues dealing with Church Authority & Tradition, on one hand, and interpretations of the Natural Law, on the other. Also the nature of sin, itself, often is a separate topic. The Church’s response to dissent, other traditions’ teachings and related topics are also discussed at times. The archived threads are generally color-coded to denote different contributors.




Birth Control and the Catholic Church Web Site

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Why Liberty Exists in Matters of Doubt


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A Personalist Approach: The Language of Love


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The Natural Law & The Need for Convincing Arguments


Doesn’t Reason Play a Role in Natural Law?


Has God Given Humans Limited Dominion Over Their Bodies? Or None?


What Some Research & Studies Have Shown re: Procreative & Unitive Roles


What Is Most Natural or Unnatural? Some Common Medical Comparisons


The Placement of Barriers in ABC and NFP


Pastoral Sensitivity & Compassion for Those Who Doubt


A Perspective From the Melkite Tradition